How will the welfare state be in the future? How will we make a living? Our articles on the future are published in daily papers and magazines. We are also commissioned to analyze areas for customers and write articles on that.
About our articles
What is the house of the future going to be like? What will we do for a living in the future?
Our articles give us an opportunity to give our assessment of what the future will bring. It could be a critical commentary on the latest governmental budget proposal, an analysis of the international balance of power in the future or an explanation of what Danes want from their houses in the future.
We have written many articles on the future. Sometimes we are hired to analyse a certain topic and at other times it’s commentary in the newspapers or magazines that we are asked to write.

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The articles are mainly written by Marianne Levinsen and Jesper Bo Jensen. Feel free to have a read and browse through the other categories.

Generation X, Y, Z and the workplace
Everything has its time, even the future
The job market in the future and the young “Generation Z”
Judgement Day - The robots are coming and we're all unemployed by 2030
The unruly 68s as seniors and consumers
Things Fall Apart!
Will the Danes still buy groceries in supermarkets and stores in 10 years?
Young people's house dreams, now and in the future
Read more about Marianne Levinsen, Head of Research at Fremforsk, Centre for Future Studies.
M.Sc. Political Science, futurist

+45 20674501
Marianne Levinsen is head of research and manages, among other things, the many studies we make in order to become wiser about the future and the present.

For the past several years, she has been responsible for studies on shopping behaviour, innovation, the youth and knowledge sharing...
See Marianne's profile here
Read more about Jesper Bo Jensen, futurist at Fremforsk, Centre for Future Studies.
Ph.d., Futurist

+45 20674500
Jesper Bo Jensen has worked with futures studies for many years and has a lot of experience in analysing the future.

He has worked as a researcher at universities and applies his scientific methods in his work...
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