Our books gives us the opportunity to dig deep and get to the bottom of analysing and explaining future tendencies.
Books about the future
The future will come automatically, but it’s a good idea to think about it before it comes. That is the reasoning behind several books that we have written at Fremforsk.

They are books dealing with society as a whole, such as “Midt i en mellemtid” (“In the middle of a transition period”) or “Langt ude? (“Way out?”) and books with specific topics such as “Fremtidens Parcelhus” (“Single-family detached housing in the future”) and “Future Consumer Tendencies and Behaviour”.
The reason for writing these books is that the future can be analyzed in advance. If we know the past and the present well enough, it is possible to describe the years to come on a fairly solid basis.

But we are often in disagreement over the present, which is why many of the books deal with dispelling myths about the present.
* Note that many of the books have not been translated into English, but if you wish to arrange a talk on any of the topics covered here, both Marianne and Jesper would be happy to do keynotes about them.
Children, Youths and parent’s meeting with the healthcare system
Marianne Levinsen, M.Sc. Poltical Science, Futurist
The book, “Children, Youths and parent’s meeting with the healthcare system” is divided into 4 parts.

The first part is about nursing and the healthcare system’s movements from past to future. Marianne Levinsen is the author of the chapter about the healthcare system of the future and its consequences for nursing in the future.

In the second part, a societal and sociological insight is given into the circumstances that children- and family life have today.

The family’s contact with the healthcare system is in focus in the third part, including also fathers’ and siblings’ perspective on the contact.

In the fourth part children and youths’ own experiences with the healthcare system is expressed.

The book is directed to healthcare professionals and students who deal with children and youths in the healthcare system. Additionally, other professions that work with children and youths can receive useful knowledge and insight into children, youths and parents’ meeting with the healthcare system.
Consumers, the Retail Trade and Cities in the Future
Marianne Levinsen, M.Sc. Poltical Science, Futurist & Jesper Bo Jensen, Ph. D. Futurist
The authors analyze how the world surrounding retail, shopping centres and consumer patterns is evolving.

It revolves around consumer-generations’ values and behaviour as well as the economic development – including recession behavior, the new city planning of the future, class divisions in society and consequences of new technology.

In consumers we look at the significant change that the lack of time, energy and attention brings with it.

The conclusion of the analysis results in a number of specific challenges that retail will face from today and over the next 8-10 years as well as a description of the shop concepts that will be able to face these challenges. This also gives the authors an opportunity to share their assessments of the demands that could be asked of cities and city districts, if they are to be attractive destinations for consumers and people in the time up till 2020.
Future Consumer Tendencies and Shopping Behaviour
- The Development up until 2015-17. Research paper no. 1
Jesper Bo Jensen, ph.d. Futurist (2007)
The book examines the future of consumer and social trends in the Scandinavian countries, and their impact on consumption, retail and major shopping centers for the next 8-10 years.

You can download a PDF version of five chapters of the Future Consumer Tendencies and shopping behavior.


Kapitel 2: Future Consumers

Kapitel 3: Life Phases and their Development over the next 10 Years

Kapitel 6: Situationism, Dividualists, Multi-Modal Shoppers

Kapitel 13: The Future Shopping Center
In the Middle of a Transition Period
Jesper Bo Jensen, Ph. D. Futurist
This is a book about our time. “The Transition Period”.

  • An incisive analysis of the time period before ours
  • A precise description of the time now
  • A thought-provoking prediction of the future

The Transition period is a time where we are in the middle of a transition between the old, manageable and regular society and the new, shifting society that will become more defined over the coming decades.

Normally a time period doesn’t get a name until it has become part of history. Futurist Jesper Bo Jensen has already named our time period in this book as a contribution to the understanding of the changes that are happening and as a prediction of what awaits us.

Using transition phenomena as a basis, he describes and maps the development and gives predictions of where it is likely to end up at.

A thought-provoking book that is aimed at anyone who wants to understand how, and in what way, society is developing.
Far Out? Essays about the Future
Jesper Bo Jensen, Ph. D. Futurist
The book is a collection of essays that treat tendencies of the future. The book is divided into a number of main sections:

  • Time and people
  • Employees and customers
  • Society and the economy

The book moves from the spirit of the times, to homes, to the future of the retail trade’s future and the overlapping of functions in the city of the future.

Jesper Bo Jensen describes innovation and pre-design, strategies for development and the business of the future and also looks at schools, society and the future senior citizens.

The book also makes a prediction about the dynamics between the young employees of the future and modern workplaces. Methods for analyzing the future is handled separately, with specific guidelines on how to set up good scenarios for the future, and what separates scenarios from projections and prognosis.
Single-family Houses of the Future
Jesper Bo Jensen, Ph. D. Futurist
Single-family detached housing in the future – Facts and tendencies by Jesper Bo Jensen is a book about how we will live in the future.

The book contains many illustrations and it has lots of information based on in-depth interviews and a very large database of numbers and information on detached houses.

The book looks at the development over the coming years and shows how the future will shape up for the single-family detached house.

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