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Are you and your company ready for the changes of the future?

When you work professionally with predicting the future, people often joke and ask if you are a fortune-teller.

The reason why people ask this question is the belief that the future cannot be forecasted.

From analyzing mega, social and economic trends combined with human behavior, we can predict how these changes will affect the world, our society and your company.

Our knowledge is based on our own and others’ statistics, patterns, analyses, interviews and felt-studies.

We are experts and are used by many different medias and we continuously publish articles on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Over 20 years of experience with futurism

It is impossible to predict what will happen in the future. But it is possible to work professionally with different techniques to get a better view of what is in store for us. For a company or an organization, it can provide the necessary knowledge, that they need to impact the future, instead of just waiting for it to happen. Read more about our research and our research methods here.

Through time we have assisted many companies and organization in taking charge of future challenges. Read more about some of the clients, that we have assisted here.

Normally, we conduct our work with the help of multiple tools from our lectures, analyses and scenarios of the future and our mission is to get others to see their possibilities of affecting their own future.

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How will future housing look like? How can we make a living in the future? Read more about our keynotes on the future.
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Marianne Levinsen, M.Sc. Poltical Science, Futurist
The book, “Children, Youths and parent’s meeting with the healthcare system” is divided into 4 parts.

The book is directed to healthcare professionals and students who deal with children and youths in the healthcare system. Additionally, other professions that work with children and youths can receive useful knowledge.
Marianne Levinsen, M.Sc. Poltical Science, Futurist & Jesper Bo Jensen, Ph. D. Futurist
The authors analyze how the world surrounding retail, shopping centres and consumer patterns is evolving.

It revolves around consumer-generations’ values and behaviour as well as the economic development – including recession behavior, the new city planning of the future, class divisions in society and consequences of new technology.
- The Development up until 2015-17. Research paper no. 1
Jesper Bo Jensen, ph.d. Futurist (2007)
The Development up until 2015-17. Research paper no. 1. Published 2007

The book is written in English and analyses the future consumer and social trends in the Scandinavian countries and their impact on consumption, the retail trade and shopping centres in the next 8-10 years.
Jesper Bo Jensen, Ph. D. Futurist
The Transition period is a time where we are in the middle of a transition between the old, manageable and regular society and the new, shifting society that will become more defined over the coming decades.

Normally a time period doesn’t get a name until it has become part of history. Futurist Jesper Bo Jensen has already named our time period in this book as a contribution to the understanding of the changes that are happening and as a prediction of what awaits us.
Jesper Bo Jensen, Ph. D. Futurist
The book is a collection of essays that treat tendencies of the future.

The book moves from the spirit of the times, to homes, to the future of the retail trade’s future and the overlapping of functions in the city of the future.
Jesper Bo Jensen, Ph. D. Futurist
Single-family detached housing in the future – Facts and tendencies by Jesper Bo Jensen is a book about how we will live in the future.
M.Sc. Political Science, futurist

Head of Research

+45 20674501

Marianne Levinsen is Head of Research at Fremforsk and manages, among other things, the many studies we conduct to become wiser about the present and the future.

In the past years, she has been responsible for conducting studies on shopping behaviour, innovation, the youth and knowledge sharing.

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Ph.d., Futurist


+45 20674500

Jesper Bo Jensen has worked with futures studies for numerous years and has since the beginning of the 1990s worked with analysing the future.

He applies the scientific methods in his work and has previously worked as a researcher at several universities.

See Jesper's profile here

Interested in the future? Take a look at some of our keynotes - they are all based on knowledge of the present and the future.

We deliver our substantial knowledge of the future with the necessary energy, humour and communicative skills needed for it to seep into the minds of the people attending.


Over the years, we at Fremforsk have written a large number of articles.

Sometimes we are commissioned to analyse a certain area, other times we are asked to write comments to the daily papers or magazines. Here we show a small selection of our articles.

The background for our books is that the future can be analysed in advance. If we know the past and the present well enough, it is possible to describe the years to come on a fairly solid basis. But we often disagree on what the present is. Our books communicate the analyses in their entirety and not only in the short article edition.

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