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These articles are mainly authored by Marianne Levinsen and Jesper Bo Jensen. Feel free to have a read and browse through our articles.
Generation X, Y, Z and the workplace
Everything has its time, even the future
The job market in the future and the young “Generation Z”
Judgement Day - The robots are coming and we're all unemployed by 2030
The unruly 68s as seniors and consumers
Things Fall Apart!
Will the Danes still buy groceries in supermarkets and stores in 10 years?
Young people's house dreams, now and in the future
Bitcoins and Seignorage
Disruption and platform economy
House dreams anno 2020-2025
How will we make a living and how will we work and live in 2030
Mobility in the future
Schools in the future need to be developed for society in the future
The future for local banks
Patients in the future anno 2025 for the Danish Medical Association
The office of the future
Danes and their health in 2030
The tough choice of education
Babies and power – We’ll be 9 billion people soon
Trump 2: ”Making America great again” – But USA is already production country No. 1
Welcome to the society of expectations
What do we need pension plans for
Settling and the good life in the future
Three men are sitting on a raft
Will we have seven good years after seven bad years?
The Political Consumer – Everyday Personal Politics
The Future for Jewelers – Is everything made of glass?
The office of the future
The future challenges of stores, pedestrian streets and shopping centres in Denmark
Young people
The stupid intelligent house
The future young people in the labour market and in their leisure time
Future schools must suit our future society
The global challenge and women!
Insurance in the future
Luxury today
The financial sector in the future

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