Not all challenges are handled best by conducting an analysis and drawing up a report. We have many clients who need sparring, discussions and our assistance over longer periods of time. As consultants, we are used to being involved in many different issues and processes.

Our contribution
We can contribute with our knowledge about the future as well as knowledge of development processes, workshops about the future, public debate forums, scenario processes and project development.

We can also contribute with experience in the development of analyses and knowledge bases about the future. In addition to this consultancy on quantitative and qualitative analyses – based on extensive experience within this field of study.

Throughout the years, we have been involved in anything from the development of new products, housing projects, neighborhood planning and the design and usage of cemeteries. Our work ranges from analyzing consumer behavior in various contexts to documenting and analyzing the global challenges that companies can face, when planning new strategies.
Do you need our participation in your strategy meeting? Is there a need for a project employee with knowledge about the future? Do you need continuous inputs for your executives or employees? Hence, we have experience with participating in all this and much more.
Different types of clients
At Fremforsk we work with many different types of clients; large and small, as well as private and public companies. We always do our utmost to tailor our participation as consultants to the people and organizations that we work with.

Consulting about the future has led us to working with numerous client in Denmark and the surrounding countries. Furthermore, we are happy to work with Danish, Scandinavian, English and French speaking clients.

One entry point to our services could be our keynotes. Here you can get a preview of what we do and how we work.

See examples of Fremforsk’s keynotes about the future
Examples of consultancy assignments

Housing and Construction

Årstiderne Arkitekter
Workshop about cities, housing, shopping, worklife and methods (2012)
HP-Gruppen A/S
Homeowners of the future (2009)
Intergruppen A/S
Homeowners of the future (2009)
Development in Danish construction (2009)
Scenarios, process, workshop (2006)
Hjem A/S
Developing fabricated houses
Ministry of Housing
Project House

Cities, local and regional development

Schønherr and Aarhus Municipality
Developing Aarhus Nordre Cemetary’s transformation into a forest cemetery (2016)
Aalborg Municipality
Scenarios for the development of elderly and handicap policies in Aalborg municipality in 2020
Skanderborg Municipality
Housing and residence needs of the future. (2013/2014)
Attracting businesses (2013/2014)
Ikast/Brande and Realdania
Visions for Bording Stationsby (2012)
Region Midt
Tourism and rural areas, keynotes and analysis (2009)
Developmental projects for rural areas (2007/2008)

Retail trade and consumers

Isabella A/S
Vacation spots in the future, customers and products with a focus on the camping industry (2014)
Arla Foods (2010)
Dansk Supermarked (2010)
Invita (2010)
Steen & Strøm (2007/2008)

And numerous other tasks for municipalities, cities and business associations et cetera.

Energy, environment and waste

Aarhus municipality
Water and environment in the future, a user perspective, scenarios and analysis (2008)
Danish Energy Association
User-driven innovation for private and business clients (2007/2008)

Economy and Businesses

Sustainable agriculture
Scenario analysis of the potential in Danish agriculture (2012)
Dansk Metal
Danish business in 2028 (2002/2003)

Furthermore, we have conducted analyses about housing and commerce for numerous Danish municipalities and regions.

Finance and Insurance

Sparekassen Sjælland
Strategy papers (2016)
Danish Insurance Association
75 year anniversary, questions and an analysis of what Danes fear the most.
Jelling Sparekasse
The future customers
Middelfart Sparekasse
Customers and office décor of the future
Customers and office décor of the future
Jyske Bank
Customers and office décor of the future
Danske Bank
Customer concepts and scenarios
Realkredit Danmark
Analysis of housing prices
The Finance Sector Union of Norway
Strategies for the future (2010)

Infrastructure, including seaports

Copenhagen Port
The Blue Plan (2002)
Port of Aarhus
Transport patterns and shipping in the future (2002/2003)

Construction and plant industries
The future of Danish infrastructure (2009)


Folkekirkens Nødhjælp/DanChurchAid
The World in 2025, scenarios. (2013)
Aarhus Tech
A name for the future and Brand, Board and Direction.
Member service and organization in the future (2006)


Novo Nordisk
Recruitment for R&D Devices (2009)


Arla Foods
Aarhus University
Aarhus Municipality
Bang & Olufsen
Bella Center Copenhagen
Berlingske Tidende
Danske Bank
Dansk Energi
Danish Metalworkers’ Union
Danish Broadcast Corporation (DR)
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Folkekirkens Nødhjælp
Høje-Taastrup Municipality
Kvik Køkken
Novo Nordisk Denmark
System B8
The Danish National Police
The Sustainable Agriculture Union Denmark
Velux A/S
Read more about Marianne Levinsen, Head of Research at Fremforsk, Centre for Future Studies.
M.Sc. Political Science, futurist

Head of Research

+45 20674501
Marianne Levinsen is Head of Research at Fremforsk and manages, among other things, the many studies we conduct to become wiser about the present and the future. In the past years, she has been responsible for conducting studies on shopping behaviour, innovation, the youth and knowledge sharing.
See Marianne's profile here
Read more about Jesper Bo Jensen, futurist at Fremforsk, Centre for Future Studies.
Ph.d., Futurist


+45 20674500
Jesper Bo Jensen has worked with futures studies for numerous years and has since the beginning of the 1990s worked with analysing the future.

He applies the scientific methods in his work and has previously worked as a researcher at several universities.
See Jesper's profile here

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Our lectures, keynotes and presentations are always tailor made to fit the occasion and the people attending. Therefore, we kindly ask you if possible to provide us with information about who we will be presenting to.

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