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All our work is based on facts, including our keynotes about the future. It is from our past and present that we can get statistics, trends and tendencies, which points at future changes. Take a look at some of our keynotes in English.
The future patient anno 2027
Nordic Societies and the future of properties 2040-50
Glamping as a trend
Energy and Megatrends towards the future
Buildings in the future - IPE Munich
HMF meeting, Future Prospects
EU, youth and the future, Aalborg
DTU Wind presentation
A culture of innovation, Novo
AREPA, The world in the next 10 years
Lego, Peoples House
Cell phones of the future
Energy in the Future
The Future shop IKEA
The future of construction
The digital natives
Stockholm future consumer
Health in the future
Future consumer behaviour in Europe
Future consumer and lifestyle
Future construction
Energy organization and change
Credit cards in the future
Consumer and homes in the future
The future of construction
Stocholm future consumer
Novo future planning

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