Jesper Bo Jensen, Ph.d, Political Science

C.V. for Jesper Bo Jensen, ph.d.

Jesper Bo Jensen, born September 18th, 1959. Married with four children.


Jesper runs his own business Fremforsk, Centre for future studies. It was founded in August 2001.

Self-employed keynote speaker (+1000 keynotes over the past 10 years – many outside of Denmark)

Author of several books (Danish title in parenthesis)

  • 2020 – Consumers, retail and cities of the future (with Marianne Levinsen) (2008) (2020: Forbrugere, detailhandel og byer i fremtiden)
  • Single-family detached housing in the future (2008) Published by Bolius. (Parcelhuset i fremtiden)
  • Far Out? Essays on the future (2007), Published by Avademica. (Langt Ude? Essays om Fremtiden)
  • Future consumer tendencies and shopping behavior (2007), Trendlab Steen & Strøm, Norway.
  • In the middle of a transition period (2001), JP books. (Midt i en Mellemtid)

Co-author of numerous books

  • School’s out – A book debating public school in the future (1999), published by Alinea (Nu er timen til ende – en debatbog om fremtidens folkeskole)
  • Quid Pro Quo, recruiting and keeping educated young people (2001), Henrik Holt Larsen, Berlingske Ad centre. (Noget for Noget, rekruttering og fastholdelse af unge højtuddannede)
  • Circling the spirit of the times – from survival to excess (2005), PEJ-group (Rundt om Tidsånden – fra overlevelse til overflod)
  • Also the author of a large number of articles on the future in various journals, newspapers and online publications. (+250 articles printed over the last 10 years)
  • Columnist on the future in Berlingske Business from 2007 onwards.


Visiting Fellow, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, California 1989-1990 – under Professor James March

Lic. scient. pol. (Ph.d.) June 1989

Cand. scient. pol. (M.Sc.) January 1987

Everyday work tasks

General management of the business as CEO, entrepreneur and head of personnel as well as the financial aspect of running the business.

Marketing and branding of the business.

Topics covered

  • Housing, housing demand, cities- and city development, infrastructure.
  • Developments in the spirit of the time, the customer of the future, the employee and organization of the future and the environment and work environments of the future.
  • Globalization: What will we do for a living in the future?
  • Schools and educational system of the future
  • Work life, work and leisure
  • Retail in the future – Structure and challenges
  • The future of the financial sector
  • Planning and strategic preparedness, scenario techniques and processes to recognize the future, the long term development etc.
  • Project management and project guidance in a number of long-term projects about preparing companies, organizations and public authorities for the future.

Have solved analysis- and product development tasks for, among others:

Arla Foods (Health in the future as the latest task)

Bang & Olufsen

Branbrand Housing Association (New plan for Gellerup)

Bella Center MøbelMart


Dansk Supermarked (Concept for Levevis)

Danske Trælast Detail (Concept Starck)

Deloitte & Touche (The future of the financial sector)

Dansk Metal (Metalworker 2025)

Dansk Politi (Crime in the future)

De samvirkende Købmænd (Retail and organization in the future)


Fritz Hansen A/S (trendlab)

Hjemas (Concept for factory made houses and other tasks)


Invita (trendlab)

Lego (Families and toys in the future)

KTS – Københavns Tekniske Skole

Kvik Køkkenet (Shower concept as the latest task)

NCC (Building in the future 2010-2014 as well as follow-up)

Novo (Obesity epidemic in USA among other things)

Nykredit (Retail in the future, the financial client in the future etc.)

Realkredit Danmark (The housing market in the future, mode for pricing houses etc.)

Realdania (From the outskirts to a space of possiblities, the future one-family detached house in vulnerable areas)

Steen & Strøm, Danmark (Shopping centers of the future)

Steen & Strøm, international (Trendlab Norden, book, keynote)


TIMBERMANN (investor report construction industry in the future)

Willis (Future Pensioners and councelling )

Årstiderne Grønt (strategy)

Aarhus Havn (Traffic and competitor analysis)

Aarhus Kommune (Port and City planning)

Have also completed analyses and development projects for:

Aarhus Municipality

Aarhus university

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of housing

Copenhagen Municipality

The region of North Jutland

Danske Bank


He has furthermore developed scenarios and strategies for a number of companies, private- and public organizations.

He has worked with several planning- and development tasks such as business strategies, city planning strategies and strategies for housing, for a large number of Danish municipalities.

Latest public reports

Current and future single-family detached houses, Center for Housing and Prosperity (2006)

Consumer behavior – report written with SP3 (2005)

Retail in the future, written for Nykredit (2004)

Competencies in nutrition in the Aarhus area, written for Aarhus municipality (2004)

Seniors in the future, Aarhus municipality (2003)

What does Danish business look like in 2028?, Dansk Metal (2003)

The future as seen from different countries, Newspaper Feature project for Jyllands Posten and associated companies (2003/2004)


Board member for the Architectural firm Årstiderne (2010-)

Ministry appointed member of the Youth-Housing Council (2008-)

Member and founder of the council for Sustainable Business Development

Supervisor Steen & Strøm Trendlab Scandinavia (2006-2008)

Chairman of the school board, Skåde School (2002-2010)

Board member of Byfornyelsesselskabet Danmark (1999-2007)

Former Occupation

Institute for Future Studies

Head of Research

January 1st 1993 – July 31st 2001

Tasks: Leader of the Institute for Future Studies’ department in Aarhus, lectures, projects and analyses.

Interests: Developments in the spirit of the times, customers of the future, employees and organizations of the future and the environment and work environment of the future. Furthermore, the financial sectors future, planning and strategic preparedness, scenario techniques and processes to recognize the future and the long-term development.

As Head of research he was responsible for the composition of reports with the following topics:

Private customers in the banking sector (1996)

68-generation’s housing choices in the future (1997)

City spaces and the city of the future. (1997)

Demand for housing in the future, composed as a part of Project House – then big development project for the Ministry of housing (1998)

Worked on theme about attaining twice the value at half the cost in building, also part of the Project House report.

Also worked with project management and project supervision on developing companies, organizations and public offices for the future.

Tryg Nykredit Holding A/S

Strategy and business development

December 1st 1991 – December 31st 1992

Job: Strategic planning for the entire company, internationalization of the company, strategy for Tryg and Nykredit as well as coordinating the strategic work in the business.

Nykredit A/S

Planning division.

July 1st 1990 – November 30th 1991

Job: Nykredit’s strategic planning, three-year plans, competition monitoring, loan case mediation including real estate agents, branding of loan products, market shares, information mediation and sector analyses.

Stanford University, California

Visiting Fellow, Graduate School of Business

August 1989 – May 1990

Work: International finance, newer American organizational theory (New institutionalism and organization ecology)

Aarhus University

Master’s scholarship at the institute for political science

January 1987 – August 1989

Area of study: Thesis on the liberalization of financial markets in Denmark

Business School in Aarhus

Lecturer of theoretical statistics

August 1987 – June 1989


Part-time lecturer on course on information economy and research methods and statistics at the graduate studies at the Royal School of Library and information science in Copenhagen, January 1992 – December 2001

Lectures at the Institute for Political Science on regulating and deregulating financial markets.

Teacher of statistics at the business school in Aarhus. 1987 – 1989

Instructor in statstics at the Institute for Political Science 1984 - 1986

Courses and Conferences

Co-director ECPR workshop: Deregulation, reregulation and the international dimension, Paris, April 1989

Participant in the ECPR workshop on Deregulation in Western Europe, Amsterdam, April 1987.

Course on negotiation, DIEU, April 1992.

Participated in Project House of the Future as Nykredit’s representative, Institute for future studies, January – December 1991.

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