631 Personal in-depth interviews carried out by Fremforsk

The following overview is designed to make visible, all interviews carried out at Fremforsk, over the past 10 years (up till May 2015).

The interview outline is subdivided based on the themes of the interviews, which report they were in and what year they were carried out in.

By doing this we hope to create a thorough overview of the complete amount of qualitative data amassed by Fremforsk.

When we do keynotes and lectures we are of course also using our experiences and conclusions from the long line of in-depth interviews.

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Qualitative in-depth interviewing is only one of the methods to understand the world.

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Outline of In-depth Interviews

Consumer Interviews (158 in-interviews)

Consumers, ambiance and various shopping places

Observation study and 54 interviews with consumers at various shopping places (Mall, shopping street and One pit Stop) in Kolding, Copenhagen and Aarhus (2007)

Consumerism and shopping

18 interviews with consumers ages 31 to 68 equivalent of generation babyboomers, Jones and X (2011)

Shopping in 4 Danish towns

Observation study and 60 smaller interviews with consumers at all ages divided into youths, family with children and seniors. Carried out in shopping street and city centers of Copenhagen, Thisted, Vejle and Hjørring (2012)

Consumerism and Christmas

5 on-location interviews with women ages 31 to 41 on Christmas and consumerism in Aarhus (2012)

The Danish retail trade’s development and consumer spending habits in the future

21 in-depth interviews with consumers ages 23 to 81 divided into pre-chosen geographical areas (Billund, Tørring, Vejle, Horsens, Aarhus and Copenhagen) (2015)

Generation interviews (133 In-depth interviews)

Portrait of Generation Z and Y on their everyday lives.

36 students ages 15 to 19 participated in focus group interviews/individual interviews: 12 ninth grade studens from Aalborg, Slagelse, Aarhus and Bagsværd, 12 students at four high schools (Hasseris, RIsskov, SLagelse and Tårnby), 5 students at business school in Hillerød, 3 students at Aarhus business school and 4 from HTX at Aalborg Technical School (2006)

Portrait of Generation X and Y: Education, work, leisure, future, spending and family

17 personal in-depth interviews spread out on Generation Y (5 men and 4 women) and

Generation X (3 men and 5 women) (2009)

Portrait of Generation Z: School, friends, future and the digital universe

11 personal interviews with a total of 5 boys and 6 girls in 8th and 9th grade in Aarhus, Horsens and Frejlev (2010)

Portrait of Generation Babyboomer and Jones: Work, leisure, future, spending and family

18 personal in-depth interviews spread out on geographical areas (rural, medium sized town and capital) and on Generation babyboomer (4 women and 4 men) and on Generation Jones (5 women and 4 men) (2010)

Portrait of Generation Interbellum (1st and 2nd world war): Life, family and spending

21 personal in-depth interviews with 9 men and 12 women in Aarhus, Aalborg and smaller town in North Jutland and Southeast Jutland (2011)

Portrait of Generation Z: Exhibition of personal life in the public sphere

30 interviews in groups of students ages 15 to 22 at business schools, technical colleges and high schools

House interviews (156 in-depth interviews)

From the present to the future’s detached house

29 personal in-depth interviews with people ages 25 and up about their houses and their dreams about their house in the future in Tilst, Bagsværd, Thisted and Højbjerg/Holme (2006)

House in Hinnerup for the HP-Group

27 interviews divided into: 12 person in-depth interviews with residents in Hinnerup ages 30 to 73 on housing and housing desires, 12 personal in-depth interviews with potential settlers ages 27 to 37 and 3 in-depth interviews with real estate agents. (2009)

Report on the demand for housing and settling for Skanderborg municipality 2013/2014

26 in-depth interviews divided into: 13 personal in-depth interviews with settlers in Skanderborg, Silkeborg, Favrskov, Horsens and Syddjurs on reasons for choice of house and location as well as 13 in-depth interviews with potential settlers ages 25 to 39 in Aarhus, Silkeborg and Horsens on housing and settling. Furthermore, 8 telephone interviews with real estate agents. (2014)

Report on attracting new citizens and having fewer who move for Herning Municipality 2014

26 in-depth interviews divided into: 13 personal in-depth interviews with settlers in Herning, Holstebro, Silkeborg and Viborg on reasons for moving and satisfaction with location and housing as well as 13 personal in-depth interviews with potential settlers ages 20 to 40 in Aarhus, Ikast-Brande, Ringkøbing-Skjern and Holstebro on choice of house and location.

Report on utilizing spaces and wishes for ways of living for Aarhus Municipality

48 interviews divided into: 24 locals and settlers in Aarhus and 24 who moved away from adjoining municipalities. Also 10 interviews with real estate agents. (2014)

Other interviews (184 in-interviews)

The employees of the future in the company of the future

15 in-depth interviews in private corporations (2006)

Member analysis for Kooperationen(2006)

37 interviews divided into: 30 in-depth interviews with member businesses and 7 personal in-depth interviews with employees at the Kooperationen offices.

Organizing innovation in Danish companies

8 in-depth interviews with private companies (2007)

Knowledge sharing in Danish companies

30 in-depth interviews in 15 public and private companies (2008)

Dansk Energi: Customers and innovation of companies in the future

46 interviews divided into: 17 personal in-depth interviews with business clients in all sectors and sizes as well as 29 personal in-depth interviews of youths, families and seniors from the entire country. (2006)

Scenarios for Copenhagen Technical School (KTS)

44 respondents divided into: 4 in-depth interviews, 20 people in focus group interviews, 20 telephone interviews.

The electronic patient file.

4 in-depth interviews (2008)

Ph.d., Futurist


+45 20674500

Jesper Bo Jensen has worked with futures studies for numerous years and has since the beginning of the 1990s worked with analysing the future.

He applies the scientific methods in his work and has previously worked as a researcher at several universities.

See Jesper's profile here
M.Sc. Political Science, futurist

Head of Research

+45 20674501

Marianne Levinsen is Head of Research at Fremforsk and manages, among other things, the many studies we conduct to become wiser about the present and the future.

In the past years, she has been responsible for conducting studies on shopping behaviour, innovation, the youth and knowledge sharing.

See Marianne's profile here

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