We do upwards of 200 keynotes every year and we always combine the factual and the future oriented with humor in our presentations. For us, the spectators are the most important people in the room.

We give several different types of keynotes – e.g. Kick-Off, professional input, provocation, the strategy presentation, megatrends and many others – always tailored to the occasion at hand.

The duration of the keynotes can also be adapted and they can last anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours or even more. The usual keynote is normally lasts around an hour. Our keynotes can be performed in English, Danish and other Scandinavian languages.

Throughout the years, we have given keynote speeches about the future for a lot of different companies, organizations and municipalities. Our list of customers includes Novo Nordisk, ARLA, Dong, Danske Bank, Nykredit, Dansk Supermarked Group, Realdania, Grundfos, Lego, Ikea, Vestas and TDC. We have also presented keynotes to more than 70 Danish municipalities all over Denmark. Furthermore, we have done keynotes for Danish ministries and hundreds of businesses.

Our keynotes about the future cover everything from the daycares of the future to globalization. From the intimacy of family to the overarching strategic goals of companies to organizations and states. From building plots to EU’s infrastructure and from cohabitation to security policies.

Below you will find some of the keynotes that we have given over the past years and you can search by topic or keynote speaker.

Here are a few examples of our keynotes

  • The workforce of the future – job, education and challenges
  • Megatrends – How do they affect our society, businesses and workplace
  • Building and housing market – A portrait of the coming years
  • Generations and job markets – The young Zs are coming
  • Settlement and developments of the city and local areas
  • The school of the future and digital learning center
  • The world in 2025
  • Globalization 2.0 and challenges for Danish companies
  • Organizations, members and challenges of the future
  • What will we do to survive in the future? - We will work in agriculture, industry, shipping and commerce
  • The patient and hospital (the healthcare sector) of the future
  • Our keynotes are always tailor made to the specific needs of the client. Want to know more about the future? Our keynotes will give you a better picture of the challenges that waits for you, your company and the state.
    What are our topics?

    Some of the typical topics: Companies’ competitive challenges and the employees of the future, including recruitment and retention. The public sector’s future challenges. City development, the housing sector and the retail trade.

    The financial institutions, insurance and mortgage credit. The phases of life, families and human development in the private life. Innovation, future product development, globalization and the EU.

    We give keynotes in English, Danish and Scandinavian.

    Find knowledge

    All our work is based on facts, including our keynotes about the future. It is from our past and present that we can get statistics, trends and tendencies, which points at future changes. Take a look at some of our keynotes in English.

    Ph.d., Futurist


    +45 20674500

    Jesper Bo Jensen has worked with futures studies for numerous years and has since the beginning of the 1990s worked with analysing the future.

    He applies the scientific methods in his work and has previously worked as a researcher at several universities.

    See Jesper's profile here
    M.Sc. Political Science, futurist

    Head of Research

    +45 20674501

    Marianne Levinsen is Head of Research at Fremforsk and manages, among other things, the many studies we conduct to become wiser about the present and the future.

    In the past years, she has been responsible for conducting studies on shopping behaviour, innovation, the youth and knowledge sharing.

    See Marianne's profile here

    Book a keynote about the future

    Please tell us who you would like to get in touch with and what the subjects or area of interests are. Furthermore, if you can provide us with the date, time and place for the keynote, we can give you an even better response.

    You can also send us an e-mail if you would like us to give you a call.

    Our lectures, keynotes and presentations are always tailor made to fit the occasion and the people attending. Therefore, we kindly ask you if possible to provide us with information about who we will be presenting to.

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